Reviews for Night School ( 2018 ) 1080p

You won't fall on your back laughing ,, but i personally just enjoyed it.

By: Aktham_Tashtush
So this is another Kevin Hart movie ,, yes it is the same style as his previous ones ,, though the plot was genuine ,, had a lot of funny bits ,, not hilarious ,, but somewhat enjoyable ,, you would probably giggle on some of the jokes "i bet one it" ,, the script was okay i guess ,, it does had some dull moments ,, but it all worked out well ,, and i think the level of comedy was acceptable ,, I think some people didn't like it because they're used to seeing Kevin Hart as the sidekick next to another star , like "The rock" for instance ,, and to be honest ,, if he'd showed up in here it would have had a different response and reviews ,, but it truly believe Kevin pulled it off , and the movie went smoothly on the boxoffice .

Cast wise, next to Kevin Hart,, loved Tiffany Haddish with her angry comedy/scary face style :D ,, the other nightschoolers ,, Rob Riggle and Mary Lynn Rajskub did so well ,, and even the SNL guy Taran Killam was really funny with these "Black voices" :D

final thought ,, I think we owe it to Kevin to give him a chance of flying solo ,, i think this was a good subtle start , though i hope it doesn't distract him for his stand-ups ;) ,, Recommended.

Better than expected

By: tonimystic
Literally better than expected. I only expected kevin Hart to be high pitched and screaming and Hadish to be sarcastic; that's it. But this was an actually an entertaining movie with emotional bits with truly addressing a problem that most people make fun of. I liked it and recommend it.

Laugh hard like Never Before

By: sosrivi
Me and my wife had a good laugh in theater after a long time, enjoy watching this movie. Keep your logical brain in your home and just enjoy the movie. Dialogue are awesome and performance was great. Everyone did they are part well...

Everything it needs to be

By: dalindcy
This is a cute comedy. It definitely has its flaws - predictability, awkward dialogue and relationships that never get explored although they're hinted at - but the message is good and characters make you laugh. Tiffany Haddish is a great addition to the movie and a joy to watch.

I will give Night School a grade of F

By: travism-44784
Don't waste your hard earned money on this dumpster fire. If you saw the comedy spots in the trailer then you've seen the funny spots in the movie. Hart jumped the shark with CIA. This movie is awful

An uninspiring snooze fest

By: abaddonalpha
A formulaic, cookie cutter of a high school comedy that falls flat with predictable plot and very little chemistry between stars Hart and Haddish. Go watch Billy Madison.

The only part I found mildly entertaining was when Teacher of the Year material Haddish cracks open some champagne to celebrate with her students which happen to include an underage girl who was kicked out of high school for drug abuse.

Night school is just another below-par Kevin Hart film.

By: frankamartin-80820
I walked into the theater wanting to enjoy it, since I feel as though Kevin Hart is a very funny comedian and I enjoyed his other films like Central Intelligence, Jumanji, etc. But I walked out of the theater disappointed. The plot, script, and editing are surprising very poor. Kevin Hart is not bad in this film, it just feels like he is playing himself. And after watching almost every one of his films, it gets painfully repetitive

So forced

By: hmorber
I didn't go into this movie with high expectations necessarily, but I was still disappointed. It took way too long for the movie to get started; there was too much background that wasn't that interesting for a "comedy". Once the story got going, I still felt that it was slow. I found myself checking the time constantly (it was an empty theater, so I wasn't distracting anyone) and just wondering when it was going to be over.

My biggest problem with this movie was how forced everything. The jokes, the writing, the characters, the chemistry between the actors, nothing seemed to mesh. I was constantly cringing and felt a LOT of secondhand embarrassment. The movie had good intentions, and it was nice to have something lighthearted and uplifting for a change, but I'm just a little bit disappointed that I paid for a movie theater ticket. I would have rather rented it and just put it on in the background while I spent my time doing something else more productive.


By: boredinlondon
I Love Kevin Hart but this was unbelievably terrible in every way

Night School - Fell asleep part way through!

By: brankovranjkovic
Slapstick comedy nonsense.

From the makers of 'Girls Trip', this is marginally better, but only just.

Stars Kevin Hart, who we see is a good fast-talking salesman at a BBQ shop, he loses his job after an accident causes the shop to burn down.

Flashbacks show he was a poor student in his childhood, now he urgently needs to go back to (night) school to complete his education in order to get a new job, we see that his class-mates are all damaged characters.

Very few laughs, no out-takes (there must have been plenty!)

The message is admirable - never give up and work hard. However, the plot was poor and the acting wooden, ultimately forgettable.

Hollywood, please stop pretending that Kevin Hart is funny.

By: CriticalOfEverything
This movie isn't funny. It's cliche and unfunny on every level in the book and relies too heavily on Kevin Hart's success to actually get anywhere. If I'm being honest here, I've never found Kevin Hart funny. I always find him incredibly annoying in everything he's in. And that's this movie's main issue other than it's atrocious acting and monotonous soundtrack, it relies too much on Kevin Hart for it to be somewhat successful, it just doesn't work.

Face Palm

By: terrybrown-9-811231
Kevin Hart can do (and has done) so much better than this. There were a few giggles in there but it mostly felt like a real struggle from start to finish. In fact, it was far to similar to the guff that Adam Sandler has reduced himself to. The characters and the acting were awful, and I mean like.. really REALLY bad. At times I literally felt embarrassed watching it.

This movie should definitely not have navigated its way into the theatres and should have been a straight to DVD job. The £3.00 basket on the end of the tills in a low end supermarket.

Don't bother.


By: lgk-65839
I was invited to see this with friends, which made it difficult as I really wanted to leave during the movie. It wasn't funny at all. The plot was forgotten through the raw, dry 'humour'. Overall, not a good movie. Do not see it if you don't wish to waste your money.

Way too long...

By: savvy-31570
This movie is almost 2 hours long. The story would have been much better executed if the movie was 30 minutes shorter. It dragged on so much for the first hour that I looked at my watch halfway through and couldn't believe there was a whole other hour left. The comedy is just not there. Tiffany Haddish was probably the best thing about it, she seemed to be the one to carry the movie. Kevin Hart is the same exact character he plays in every other movie he's in. The jokes are cliche and just simply aren't funny.

There is one instant where a character goes on for maybe 5 minutes trying to be funny and it's straight up the cringiest comedy I've ever seen. The writing just didn't even make sense in some parts, the other characters were flat and made to seem downright stupid.

I was soooo relieved once it was over, it's a shame because I was really looking forward to it.

Panders to uneducated, lowest denominator scum. Lacks intelligence and class. It feels cheap.

By: robertbisceglia
It's a lowbrow unfunny pos targeted by money hungry execs pimping out these big names towards teenagers or like I said before. Save your money, time, and brain cells.

I wanted to walk out, but I didn't want to obscure everyones view.

By: tjsingh-46727
I wanted to walk out mid-way through the movie but I did not want to get in the way of people as the exit was across the theatre..If the exit was closer I would have. This movie should go straight to Netflix or DVD (non blue-ray).


By: meshborg68
I dont know who this marketed for.Totally unfunny with annoying characters who mistake shouting for humour.

You failed.

By: MikeC19
It may seem odd, but I was actually looking forward to this movie. They had been promoting it for months upon months, and I thought, "This might actually be pretty funny." Well, I only found it to be *moderately* funny. Kevin Hart does what he normally does, Tiffany Haddish does what she normally does, and character actors like Rob Riggle and Mary Lynn Rajskub show up and do some schtick that's amusing, at most. The best scenes were in the trailer, they try to squeeze just the tiniest bit of drama from learning disabilities, and the film editing is surprisingly poor. I even noticed a scene where you could tell it was dubbed over. What more can I say? I just expected more from this film.


By: danifduque
I have never walked out of the cinema in during a movie. Night School is the first time. Going into this movie, I was expecting something somewhat OK, going off the trailers and other similar films that Kevin Hart has been in, e.g. Central Intelligence, Ride Along, etc. however, this film is nothing but an insult to cinema and comedy. The acting is tragic, the music is monotonous and it feels like they didn't even bother with the plot. Kevin Hart has great potential, but this is by far his worst performance in a long time, which is really disappointing to see from a comedian with such promise. Overall, if I could rate this a zero, I would.

This is myy house

By: shammaarb-47379
Why is everyone reviewing this like it's The Godfather? It's Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and about a man who goes back to High School to get his GED. If you were expecting "depth" then the problem starts there.

Night School got plenty of laughs in my theater, especially from the guy trying to prevent the robot uprising. "Who you looking for fam?"

Tiffany Haddish's character was flat, but her and Hart did well for the thin material they were working with.

I went for a few laughs, I got a few laughs, it's not that deep.
As Told By Ginger (60) | One Piece 507 | 9-06-2018, 07:37